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Guarantee Your Success!

Guarantee Your Success!


Hi Everyone

I was on a forum earlier today and I was  saddened by those who were taking about trying to pass yourself off as an expert in some niche online! Why would you do such a thing? Clearly, you will be found out and exposed as a fraud!

But there’s a way to gain success online without some scam / trickery / slight of hand nonsense… and here it is. :-)

I have always said everyone should play to their strengths. I know a lot of guys from the UK in the information business, and I have more and more examples of those who struggled to gain any traction until they returned to their strengths.

I think it’s pointless trying to pass yourself off as an “expert” in some internet marketing / make money niche when there could be a very viable part time, or even full time, business already in your life via a hobby, occupation, or experience.

I know a guy who used to crew on cruise ships. He turned this knowledge into a very successful membership site for crewing opportunities and eventually a very successful an international online education / training company for cruising and airline cabin crew! And this all started as an ebook on how to get a job on a cruise liner!

I know a guy who is a project manager who now runs a membership site training project management techniques to business owners. He’s also turned his scuba diving hobby into a DVD on underwater photography!

I know a social worker who started his own support membership site and forum for parents of ADHD kids because this was what he was doing in his day job.

I know someone who was in HR and recruitment, and now runs a company who hosts one of the UK’s biggest “social media in recruitment” conferences every year in London.

I know a teacher who started out selling lesson plans on eBay to other teachers. He runs his own publishing company now catering for teachers in the UK.

I know a lady in the UK who gives Urdu lessons online via skype! She gets paid via paypal and then use skype to give the lessons. Some of her students are as far away as Australia. Talk about global reach!

… I could go on, but you get the idea.

Myself – have a medical background as many of you will know. After working in the NHS for more than 20 years I went back to university for 3 years to learn multi-media computing and web development. I now train others online to create their own websites and to do business online. I have the qualifications and the experience to talk about my subject. Am I an “expert?” Well, you can answer that one for yourself.   :-)

BUT, in the past two years I have started drawing on my medical knowledge and experience again, as well as my hobby as a marathon runner in my earlier years. I have published my first book on running for beginners, and my second book on fitness for the over forties is on the drawing board now.

What I’m saying here is that there is no point looking any further than your own existing experience, be it occupational, or through experience, or within a hobby or pastime. By doing this you will automatically springboard your success. By playing to your strengths you automatically have a track record and authority.

By using your existing knowledge, skills and possibly contacts, you can short-circuit your success and really hit the ground running.

Thanks for reading!